What are dimples

Dimples are small indentations that can be found on your skin. They can occur on different places of the body, including the cheeks, chin, and lower back. Cheek dimples can be found on the sides of the mouth. You can have a dimple on both sides of your mouth or on just one side. You’ve probably noticed that some people have cheek dimples and others don’t. That’s because cheek dimples are formed by differences in the muscles and skin of the face. 1


A dimple is an anomaly of the muscle that causes a dent in the cheek, especially when the individual smiles. Some people have dimples in both cheeks, others in just one cheek. Babies are likely to have dimples caused by baby fat in their cheeks. When they lose their baby fat as they get older, their dimples disappear. Other children do not have them at birth, but may develop them later in childhood. In some people, dimples last only until adolescence or young adulthood, while in others they are a lifetime trait.

Dimples that have a similar appearance can occur in successive generations of a family. For example, in one family, it was observed that the siblings, their father, uncles, grandfather, and great-grandfather all had similar-looking dimples in both cheeks. In other families, dimples may occur in a child but are not seen in more than one generation. 2

Different kinds of dimples

One-sided cheek dimples

Upper cheek dimples

Dimples on both cheeks

Chin dimples

Mouth corner dimples

Dimples on the lower back

Celebrities with dimples

Miranda Kerr

Brad Pitt

Sandra Bullock

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