Different lip shapes

Lips can be classified by shape and by print and it’s difficult to standarize such a unique feature. They can be plump or thin, heart shaped or round, or numerous other variations. 

They can also be classified by lip print, which is based on the pattern of lines in your lips.

Researchers have found 5 types of lip patterns:

Type I: vertical lines that run across the entire lips or part of the lips

Type II: branched, y-shaped lines

Type III: intersecting (crossed) lines

Type IV: reticular (netlike) lines

Type V: undetermined (mixed) lines


A 2016 scientific study of lip attractiveness found that lip size preference varies, depending on where you live. People in Latin America liked large lips. North Americans and Europeans preferred large lips less, and those living in Asia preferred smaller lips. These lip preferences basically remained the same in each region, no matter the gender, ethnic background, age, or income of the respondents.

Social Media’s role – fact check

The desire to „adjust“ our appearance, achieving harmony and perfection of the look, is characteristic of all women.

One of the key elements of this relationship is the way in which increasing numbers of influencers and celebrities use social media to share intimate details about the beauty treatments they undergo in order to maintain their appearance.

It causes a growing pressure on young men and women to replicate this look by incorporating these procedures into their standard beauty regime.

Celebrities rocking small lips

We at Proudly believe it is important to have role models that embrace natural beauty and show off their natural feautures. Here are 6 celebrities with natural smaller lips. Aren’t they beautiful?

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